Doggy Day Care
Glen Alpine 2560


Please contact Antonia for bookings or enquiries.

Doggy Day Care

Remember, heavy socialisation is the single, smartest investment you can make in a dog!

Reoccurring doggy day care is welcome!

Doggy day care means your pet will enjoy the day with us. We strive to provide a balanced atmosphere including active play & socialisation with the option of basking in the sun or lounging around on comfortable beds.

Standard hours: 7am to 5:30pm.  Extended hours may be available by arrangement. Check-in & check-out times must be confirmed and takes place at the front yard.

What to expect - we will:

What to bring -

What not to expect: unfortunately we are not qualified vets. In the unlikely event that your pet gets sick, we will take them to the local vet.

We do not accept adult male dogs that have not been de-sexed.