Add-on Services


We love to return your dog fresh and clean. Please don't hesitate to book a wash, brush & blow dry, you won't regret it!

Offered to dogs staying with us.

Rate for wash, brush & blow dry without a cut. The rates vary with size of dog and length of hair:

  • Dogs up to 5kg - $35 short / $45 long

  • Dogs between 5-10kg - $45 short / $60 long

  • Dogs between 10-15kg - $55 short / $70 long

  • Dogs between 15-20kg - $65 short / $80 long

  • Dogs over 20kg – please request a quote

We wash your dog with natural shampoo & conditioner, brush and blow-dry your dog completely dry. We may rub down with essential oils to promote relaxation.

Rate for wash, brush & blow dry with a cut.

  • Please request a quote

Dog Walk

Why not book a scenic walk around Glen Alpine? We often take dogs to watch the sunset or walk around the golf course. Please don’t hesitate to book a walk for your fur child to enjoy.

Offered to dogs staying with us.

Rates: $30 for 30 minutes. For a longer walk add $15 for every 15 minutes. Additional dog rate is 50% of the above (i.e $15 for 30 minutes).

Food for the Day

We recommend the pet owner provide their pet food to avoid risk of allergy however, if are happy to provide food for each day if requested by the pet owner.

Rate if the owner does not provide pet food:

  • Daily pet food of dry kibble
    $5 for dogs up to 10kg
    $7 for dogs over 10kg

Optional extras may be requested by the Owner:

  • Raw Chicken Necks $4.50 per 250g

  • Fresh Beef Mince $3 per 100g

  • Fresh Bones from the butcher $10 per 500g

Professional Dog Training

Coming soon!